Where can I call?

Institution Description Contact number
Transport Ministry
Supervision Department.
It receives complaints and queries about:
Contaminants emissions by vehicles. Quality of the public transportation service and quality of the service in Technical Revision Plants.
236 2222
Sanitary Authority RM (ex SESMA) It receives complaints and queries about:
Emissions of particulate matter and gases by fixed sources (chimneys)
Contamination by disturbing noises generated by fixed sources.
Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels
Gas leaks.
Accumulation of carbon monoxide by system malfunctioning.
549 6000
Superintendence of Sanitary Services
Queries and complaints about the quality of drinking water, LIW dumping to the sewers or superficial waste. 800 381 800
Agriculture and Livestock Service
Queries and complaints about agro toxics, illegal hunting, exploitation and illegal transit of animals or species. 698 2244
National Forest Corporation
Queries and complaints about illegal logging, non-authorized burns, exploitation of protected species. 696 6677
National Water Bureau
Queries about waterways, rivers or basins. 698 5341
Preservation Service of the Aquatic Environment of DIRECTEMAR
Complaints of environmental emergencies in the sea or lakes, oil spill, contaminants spill.
Environmental damage in the coastal area.
(32)208 000
Forest and Ecologic from the Chilean Police Department Offense reporting against the Hunting Law, Fishing Law and Forestry Law. 232 5180
233 0842
Brigade against Ecologic Crime of the Chilean Police Environmental Offense reporting. 695 1080
SERNAGEOMIN (Environmental Management and Engineering Department)
Mining accidents, mining LIW dumping, tailings and ducts break up.
SERNAPESCA Closure transgression, minimal sizes, non-allowed fishing systems. 800 320 032